Yoogo is taking the management of your vehicles to the next level with Yoogo Telematics!

We're the first vehicle leasing and fleet management company in New Zealand to offer you cutting edge, sophisticated vehicle management information as a standard inclusion in your lease or fleet management contract. It's not an upsell add-on .... it's included! There's nothing more to pay. You simply log on and experience the Yoogo Advantage.

So, what is it?

> See your vehicles in real time on a live map

> Run reports on where your vehicles are, or have been

> Query a dashboard by vehicle on the fly to get stats on speeding, cornering, braking, acceleration and lots more

> Need to know the live km on your vehicle? No problem, its right there.

> Need to know which of your vehicles is nearest to an address? No problem, Yoogo Telematics will rank your vehicles in terms of proximity to the address, show you how many km away each one is and how long it will take for a vehicle to get there. It'll even plot the route on a live map to show you how to get there!

> A critical tool to manage your Health and Safety compliance and ensure your drivers are properly managed

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