The world is changing and so should the definition of fleet management

At Yoogo you’ll find fresh-thinking, pragmatic Kiwis keen to shake things up to give you savings when it comes to your company vehicles.

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What's so good about

From GPS and Telematics at no extra cost to Health and Safety peace of mind.


Dad was wrong ...
You don't have to own

We take the confusion out of choosing whether to own, lease or finance your vehicles.

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Yeah yeah, but what makes
us really different?

The Yoogo Advantage, a complete fleet management solution for any vehicle.

Get real peace of mind

Your fleet drivers need to be properly covered, let us take away your health and safety risk.


Yoogo’s innovative approach to fleet management includes a wonderful array of services, which may make you wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.


Saving you money! Benefit from our technical expertise, purchasing power and a convenient local network of tyre fitment centres.


Yoogo saves you time by managing the registration requirements for your vehicle. We’ll do it all seamlessly so you don’t have to.


Yoogo can manage all of your vehicle's maintenance, service and repair needs. We'll assess and authorise necessary work via negotiation with suppliers.

Fuel Card

We don't charge for our fuel card! Around a quarter of a fleet's running cost is fuel and with over 370 sites to fuel up you'll never be caught short.

What truly sets us apart

No other provider in New Zealand offers anything close to the Yoogo Advantage. It's a complete management solution for any vehicle you own, lease or finance.

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