Yoogo are leaders in the field of fleet management. Our highly experienced team have completely flipped the traditional model of our competitors and in so doing have placed our customers firmly at the top of the heap. The world is changing and so should the definition of fleet management.


Yoogo discovered Brand X needed a more effective leasing model. Brand X had grown significantly over the past five years with a fleet of over 100 owned vehicles. Their policy was typical: buy used vehicles with high kms and literally run them into the ground. But when the much publicised changes to the Health & Safety legislation arrived, Brand X discovered not having a handle on hidden costs required a fresh approach.


Due to the size and complexity of their fleet, Yoogo first needed to understand Brand X's business and what their vehicles were being used for. This approach enabled Yoogo to determine whether leasing or ownership was best for Brand X.


In Brand X's case, Yoogo discovered around 30 vehicles were best suited to outright ownership, whilst an operating lease structure was a sound solution for the balance of their vehicles. Switching from ownership to lease isn't always a walk in the park but Yoogo prides itself on being involved every step of the way. As Brand X's fleet was at various stages in its lifecycle, Yoogo built a programme to optimise the fleet structure over the next two years. Revolutionary strategies, including straight out leasing, sale and lease back, assisted disposal, lease replacement and assisted acquisition were deployed.

As a result, Yoogo have been able to deliver complete compliance, insights and optimisation and total fleet care thereby providing a long term benefit with less headaches for Brand X's operational team.


Here at YOOGO we believe a fleet management solution for your company need not be a headache.

We specialise in managing company vehicles and can help sort the best option for your business.