To lease or not to lease? It can be a tricky business choosing whether to own, lease or finance. Let Yoogo's experts do the sums to work out a solution that fits your business.

Yoogo’s fresh approach to company vehicle management helps you answer the tough questions when it comes to your company vehicles. Best to lease or own? That depends entirely on the unique operation of your business and vehicle usage. If you have an existing fleet, then factors such as age of vehicle, maintenance costs and safety come into play. Yoogo will assist you in making the best decisions.


When it makes more sense to own your vehicles, Yoogo Advantage can manage them on your behalf. You get many of the same benefits you would receive if leasing. On top of that, Yoogo can offer insights into your fleet that will enable you to be more efficient, compliant and profitable!


In many cases an operating lease will deliver the best use of cash and cash flow. There are no upfront costs. Simply pay a fixed monthly rental and hand the vehicle back to Yoogo at the completion of the lease. Enjoy the luxury of no lump sum payments. No need to write a big cheque for capital expenditure. An added bonus? All costs are fully tax deductible and there are no concerns of a depreciating asset.


Perhaps you would like to own the vehicle outright but need to arrange finance? Yoogo Finance may be the answer, whereby a residual value for the vehicle is agreed upfront. You agree on a term, at the completion of which you pay Yoogo the residual value and full ownership is yours. We may even consider to refinance this amount over a further term in certain circumstances.


Here at YOOGO we believe a fleet management solution for your company need not be a headache. 

We specialise in managing company vehicles and can help sort the best option for your business.