What exactly is an operating lease?

You choose the vehicle, decide on the duration of the lease and number of kilometres you anticipate travelling. With no upfront costs or lump sum payments, you drive the vehicle away and pay a fixed monthly rental. At the end of the term, hand the vehicle back to Yoogo and get a new one. Simple! Yoogo offers two types of operating leases, both of which include comprehensive fleet management. We call this the Yoogo Advantage.


The one stop shop. Registrations, scheduled servicing, maintenance and tyres are all included in the lease rate.

Managed Operating Lease

Same as above, but servicing, maintenance and tyres are on-charged to you at a discounted price.
(Registration is included.)

Operating Lease benefits:
  • Free up your capital
  • Costs are fully tax deductible
  • Yoogo sorts your vehicles so you can sort your business
  • No depreciating assets to worry about