Efficient driving...

Posted by peter at 3:13 AM on May 22, 2017


Efficient Driving Techniques. Get More Bang For Your Buck

How we drive can play a huge impact on our environment and provide us safer roads to be on.


Take Your Time.
Don't rush - controlling your speed and acceleration is the key to fuel economy. As tempting as it may to zoom down the lane. You want to consistently stay within the speed limit. You use less fuel and keep our roads safer. 


The Settings In Your Car.
There a number of modes and settings in your car that’ll keep your driving fuel efficient. If you drive a manual, driving in a higher great and keeping the revs lower is almost always more efficient. If you are driving an automatic car; avoid sports mode. While it’s more fun, it also uses more fuel.

Most cars nowadays have eco-mode which greatly improve fuel consumption by controlling your acceleration and top speed for you. Electric vehicles even have modes to control your air-conditioning.

Are you driving long distance? Or doing short trips in the city? Depending on your situation having your windows down instead of using air-conditioning might be the way to go. If you are driving at low speeds – rolling down the windows will help you save on fuel, but if you are constantly on the highway opt in for the A/C. The extra aerodynamic drag will mean more fuel being used to get you from A to B.


Choosing The Right Car.
When possible it is always best to choose an electric vehicle – with their popularity growing you will most likely see one in a city near you. Perhaps you could choose to leave your car at home and take one of these as an alternative.