Commonly Asked Questions about Yoogo Fleet Leasing

Leasing a vehicle, whether for personal or business use, can be a convenient and cost-effective option compared to outright purchase.

At Yoogo Fleet, we understand that navigating the leasing process can raise several questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our leasing options:

1. What's the difference between an Operating Lease and a Lease to Own (LTO) contract?

An Operating Lease allows businesses to use a vehicle without ownership responsibilities. It is treated as an operating expense and is tax-deductible. On the other hand, a Lease to Own (LTO) contract puts the vehicle on the balance sheet, requiring depreciation accounting. Monthly payments for LTO contracts may be slightly higher. Whether we handle servicing and maintenance or offer opt-in options depends on the agreement.

2. Do you only lease electric vehicles (EVs) or vehicles listed on your latest offers page?

 While our latest offers highlight popular lease models and current specials, we have strong buying power with dealers and can lease any new vehicle. This includes considering second-hand or ex-demo cars, provided they meet age and odometer criteria and are NZ new. 

3. Can businesses less than 2 years old lease vehicles?

 Yes, businesses under two years old can lease vehicles subject to credit approval. We take a closer look at each application to ensure the best fit for our leasing options.

4. Do you lease to private individuals?

 We primarily lease to businesses and sole traders unless individuals are set up as sole traders.

5. Can Uber drivers lease vehicles from Yoogo Fleet?

 Yes, Uber drivers can lease vehicles as long as they have a registered company and GST number. We offer Lease to Own options but not Operating Leases due to higher kilometer risks.

6. How easy is it to set up an account and get a vehicle?

 Setting up an account is straightforward and typically takes a few days for approval. If the vehicle is in stock, delivery can be arranged within two weeks.

7. Can I include third-party fit-outs or signwriting costs in my lease?

 Yes, you can include third-party fit-outs or signwriting costs in your lease. We have partnerships that offer great service and deals, or customers can arrange it themselves.

8. What makes Yoogo Fleet different from other lease providers?

 At Yoogo Fleet, we pride ourselves on being locally led and managed, with a dedicated team focused on putting customers first. Our unique selling proposition includes proactive management through telematics fitted in all vehicles, which automates servicing and RUC renewals, ensuring hassle-free vehicle management.

 Navigating vehicle leasing options can seem complex, but at Yoogo Fleet, we're here to simplify the process and find the best leasing solution tailored to your business needs. Reach out to us today to discuss how we can help streamline your fleet management and enhance your business operations.