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You Own, We Manage

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Want to own your vehicle or fleet, but fleet management isn't your expertise?  This option means we do all of the management - allowing you to spend more time in your business.

The benefits of this option: 

Do you pay retail rates from your current service providers and want to reduce these costs? Need a consolidated approach with a sustainable plan? Our Telematic reporting will help manage Health & Safety, providing insights on what your vehicles are doing & when. Our team will share reports showing vehicle/fleet optimisation and when to consider transitioning to EV, PHEV or hybrid options. 

Our complete fleet management includes booking & notification of all repairs, maintenance, tyre management, road user charges, registrations, breakdowns, accident repairs, fee-free fuel cards, toll charges & infringement management. 

  • Free installation of Telematics. Get access to our bespoke technology with no upfront fees and one simple monthly management charge.
  • 24/7 support from our local dedicated team.
  • Health & Safety made easy. Our team understands the latest legislation and with our Telematics we’ll help you navigate our portal to better understand your driver behaviour.
  • Our technology gives you insights. Automated reporting, real time alerts, geofencing capability all direct to your device.
  • Interested in sustainable options? If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint and want to transition some or all of your fleet to EVs or Hybrids, Yoogo Fleet's experts will help.



Yoogo Fleet Advantage

Our technology drives better business decisions. Telematics in every vehicle delivers insights to improve driver safety, data to help ensure vehicles are maintained on time & your fleet usage can be optimised.

Features included

Yoogo Fleet


Intergrated GPS / Telemetrics
Additional costs from 3rd party suppliers
Health & Safety Reporting
RUC, Rego & WOF Compliance
Proactive excess km management
IOS & Android app for complete fleet management
Consolidated billing, including detailed data files
Toll & Infringement management
Complimentary fuel cards (no fees + significant fuel discounts)
They're a tight-knit team who are engaged, responsive and refreshingly pragmatic.
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