We’re focused on Health, Safety
& the Environment.

We take care of this so you can get on with business.

Our team will provide you with reports to help influence safer driver behaviour, reduce waste & costs with fleet optimisation and we'll also help you to help NZ - check out our EV Fleet solutions.

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Telematics in every vehicle for safety.

Yoogo Fleet Telematics gives you complete visibility across your entire fleet on your desktop or mobile device. In real time you can track locations, trips & receive driver behaviour or incident alerts. The system allows you to set geofence and other location parameters to help manage your teams safety and vehicle use.


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We'll optimise the number in your fleet to reduce costs.

We use real time usage & trip report data from our Telematic System to better manage & optimise your fleet - ensuring your contract is best suited to your changing business needs.


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Helping you help NZ - let's reduce emissions!

Our aim is to reduce waste & emissions, so optimising your fleet with the right type and number of vehicles is key. We’re an industry leader in EV Fleet solutions. Talk to our team about the right electric option for your business.


They're a tight-knit team who are engaged, responsive and refreshingly pragmatic.
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