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We Own & Maintain, You Service & Drive

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Sometimes known as a Non-Maintained Operating Lease, we own & manage the vehicle, you service & drive.

The benefits of this option: 

This option excludes the provision of a service maintenance plan and tyre allocation. However, the Yoogo Fleet advantage means that when your vehicle is due for a service or new tyres, our fleet experts arrange the booking. We receive national discounts from our preferred suppliers which we pass on to you via your monthly invoice.

  • No upfront costs. We purchase the vehicle of your choice using our national procurement benefits (reducing your lease costs).
  • Complete fleet management. Our industry-leading fleet management services and telematics are included in your lease.
  • We’ll manage all your servicing and tyre requirements at discounted rates and simply charge this to you on your monthly invoice.
  • We connect your fleet, managing your road user charges, windscreen repairs or replacements, supply you with fuel cards that allow you to take advantage of our significant fuel discounts without any additional fees or charges for the cards themselves and we'll manage your accidents from incident to return of the vehicle.
  • No worries. Simply return your vehicle at the end of the lease with no worries about its future value or having to sell it. Love your lease vehicle and want to own it at the end? We can help with that.
  • Worried about refurbishment charges? We don’t charge for any fair wear & tear and we'll discount any unfair wear & tear by 30%. 
  • Worried about Health and Safety requirements? Our team understands the latest legislation and with our Telematics we’ll help you navigate our portal to better understand your drivers behaviour.
  • Looking for sustainable options? If you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint and want to transition some or all of your fleet to EVs or Hybrids, Yoogo Fleet's experts will help.



Yoogo Fleet Advantage

Our technology drives better business decisions. Telematics in every vehicle delivers insights to improve driver safety, data to help ensure vehicles are maintained on time & your fleet usage can be optimised.

Features included

Yoogo Fleet


Intergrated GPS / Telemetrics
Additional costs from 3rd party suppliers
Health & Safety Reporting
RUC, Rego & WOF Compliance
Proactive excess km management
IOS & Android app for complete fleet management
Consolidated billing, including detailed data files
Toll & Infringement management
Complimentary fuel cards (no fees + significant fuel discounts)
They're a tight-knit team who are engaged, responsive and refreshingly pragmatic.
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